Hi guys

2017-02-12 11:31:36 by Cannyboy


hi cannies, 

Just uploaded an art piece of iron spider (coloured by Wafflesmash) as part of a collab is did with Wafflesmash. Go check it out: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/cannyboy/iron-spider-collab-with-wafflesmash

Go check out Wafflesmash's art: http://wafflesmash.newgrounds.com

I am currently working on the robot in the ancient times which should be uploaded this week.





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2017-02-12 11:39:20

Thanks man, and I'm really looking forward to the Robot. :]

Cannyboy responds:

Thanks dude!


2017-02-13 22:07:23

Ayy mah robot is coming soon. We'll just have to wait for mine as well


2017-03-11 11:04:59

really great :)
@Wafflesmash great work :)